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WTF happened there then ( + is still happening)

Where are we now she asks herself along with the whole world asking the same thing...where are we now? ...fuk only knows .

As is applicable to the season - just ploughing on- fortunately work has returned and stronger than ever but there is that little beckoning finger from around the corner where the plague sits having a laff with its yukky buddies...we could go into Lockdown again at any point . just going to keep striding , keep working, keep ignoring those that cannot wait to stick a leg out to trip one up on their journey which face it is not a smooth one for the best of us- do wish they would fuck off its waring killing them with kindness is it not ? . Keeping my personal evolvement, physically mentally emotionally spiritually , creatively and business wise as my focus ,paralleled with the welfare of my bijou fam - still meditating ,reading more , walking more, running more, listening more and loving more and also know that tiger called pressure...well tamed that bugger too :) Keep striving.


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