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Ageing is a privalege

As i turn the camera on my physical self in a curious self reflective , practissy, looky , learny , 'some might say' narcissistic ( the trending word +thus current cultural gatekeeping thought process) kind of manner, i see my lines upon lines, new lines forming , new sags gravitating to the earth and not even to mention what chemistry and physiology is creating a symphony internally. I say not ' look at those bags, look at those furrow lines , look at those jowls ...well i do ..but then i say hey F+k it you are here !!. All the humdrum surrounding Madonna atm and 'her face' , and the use of creative skin 'surgical art' to regress the aging process and to align her youthful inwardly psych(lets face we still feel like raving at 50..or is that just me ?) - i say , women endure so many arrows , too many stones, so let us be , let us choose - although when sharon osbourne is starting to look younger than Holly willoughby in an interview ,i do think i am going to be the sole wrinkly old bat in the corner clicking away like a sad old witch ( i love witches btw so not slurring myself)

Age is how many times we have been around the. sun , and how many times we are lucky to do that so do with that what you will and have fun! One life Live it. (oops soz a quote cheekily snuck itself in)


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