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Mr Free and the 3

Tch - always annoyed me this photo as just wasn't quick enough on the draw

One of my favourite street photographers is John Free - as well

As being and absolutely incredible street photographer he is the most generous with his 'talk ' about his work - I could read his descriptions about his photography all day long - I learn so much from his advice . I adore street photography but have never poured enough attention into this well because of working to make a pound and raising children but I have dipped and dabbed . There is much to see out there and what I love love love about street photography most. of all is it can't be copied - it's always a one off - it's anyone's game - no gate keepers no copiers -none of that -it's all for the making for each and everyone - the playground is very real very freeing ( in other ways to studio based photography but respect there are still confinements rules and ethical boundaries ) and I intend to play hard

Edit : actually there are gatekeepers out there too hashtag eyeroll

John Free talks about the 3 elements in Street photography .

When working to find subject, which can be anywhere, he says how he tries to combine at least three elements, factors and details "in a meaningful way to achieve enough visual information to produce a visual poem" .

This 👉🏾 from Mr Free eloquently presents being A Photographer

Thankyou Mr Free - a lot of Love for him 🖤


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