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Nanny Jean will not mind me rejoicing in that she is a glorious 95 years young. We discussed her late husband Peter and how she nursed over 6 ft of him for many years through Polio and she would never love again as no-one would take her heart like Peter did. Immediately when I saw  nanny Jean on the beach with her daughter-in-law and dog Rudy I was drawn to her style and glamour- Jean has such a warm and very friendly and kind spirit with the most beautiful smile feel very lucky to have made a street portrait with her . Thankyou Jean!!

Richard originally from Newquay had a camera and was making a photograph , so naturally was drawn to him, I asked if he would be part of my street portrait project , so he said yes and promptly handed me his camera , a lumix. I made a portrait with his and then mine. We discussed music and places and he even brought me to song - he had a musicians vibe about him -right nice bloke!!

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