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Confi Dance

and it is a dance - it can be a partner it can be the best union the most exciting pairing - the best dance but it can also leave you on the dance floor blushing whilst you look down at your toes asking yourself why did you leave ?

So - weirdly enough as I was contemplating this subject this morning , as if the socials were reading my mind ,many a post was signalling 'confidence ' I know trippy when socials read your mind isn't it . so The School of Life ( one ig feed I follow) expressed confidence as many things and one take away for me being "Not interpreting rejection as a verdict on everything we are " - so important not to be defined by walls that others have built for you by them - it's an illusion and your life should always without hesitation be your creation not anyone else's - in other words their rejection should not impact your capacity to love and share -

I get that - confidence is a dance and it's your dance - make sure your dance is good enough so it doesn't even think about leaving you drifting but dont get complacent there are many on the floor who may poach your partner


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