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When youve climbed one mountain...thats not it...your are not 'done'

its just the view is better of all the other mountains to climb.

Been a reeeerf ride personally last couple of years but only me .myself and I knows the ins and the outs and my dear husband and children who aren't my rock they ARE my summit of every mountain they are my peace they are my happy place they are my soul saviours and my loves and my beautiful view every day of my life- they matter- their opinion matters - no-one elses.

"friends create comfort but enemies create movement be grateful be grateful for the gift of an enemy in your life.One day i will put pen to paper and write of my tale here on my experience view ..until then i greet every reporter with a fake smile and a magical disappearing act because In the words of Paul Canlon " One type of person you should avoid when you are in pain...the REPORTER

Reporters aren't just hearing your story , they are collecting it. Reporters are thieves because they steal your story to entertain someone else with all the juicy bits they seem over interested in "..... and judge it too..... oof !! i can scent them a mile off these days...TTFN erm no nada no thanks Bye then ... onwards with photography my saviour, my view . peace


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