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A healthy Do One to 2022..and onwards. One shall scribe thoughts meanderings, confusions, inspirations and general blah blah blah soley( no pun intended re: pic) on here rather than fishbook mayb a bit of twatface and eye gee always a good place for a gander and with all that allow my photographs to speak for themselves. I have a year of reading and listening ahead, nothing fills the soul more than a good book and great music. So i could ramble on about what im gunna do not gunna do might do wont do should do but then why spoil the plans for me and for you..lets be seasonal and continue to squirrel away and gather my nuts ready for springtime and find where the black and white ride may take me , you will see or you wont whatever the case may be , but if you are reading this maybe you are curious too.

I love photography ...can you see


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