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From when i was a teen i kept a diary and wrote a lot of stuff -as you do- when you get older and your rugrats are grown you find you have a little extra time to go through those cases , tour through those photographs, flick through those love letters- ah the days when it wasn't about a text or a meme!. Of course i have a gazillion photographs- and a million shite ones at that but they behold memories so not shite in that sense. Alongside them i have zillions of words-diaries- thoughts short stories even attempts at scripts no less! Anyay the poetry my days! goes on and on and on- think i considered mesen a bit of a wordsworth - lots on old typewriters- my.. did i bash that thing out in the lonely late of cold city nights. Anyway to amuse myself and anyone else who might be watching...which is probably no-one and thats ok as talking to myself , writing to myself, and photographing for myself is the way i groove...yeh hellish innit ...


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