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so Stutz says write it...

Been many a minute since i put finger to keyboard but inspired by latests netflix film Stutz he said to get it down no matter how it reads or what it says..inaction leads to depression and we dont want no more of that shite going on hovers around the corner like a dirty shadow waiting to snatch your sweets .

When travelling in my 20's and working very laborious weird and wonderful jobs to pay my way around this earth, i used to write and take notes to educate myself - i travelled solo and i travelled with best friends but always had my diary , habit from having written one since i was 14/15. Very rarely do i read them back but my youngest asked to read one once and she loved it saying it inspired her to keep her own thoughts logged somewhere so i bought her a beautiful bound journal for her mind meanderings. Picking up one journal of mine today the page came to this written in my twenties i think when i was working as a Boat hand on turtle expeditions around if the words have not come to me today i can reflect on what i learnt way back when ...who cares...who knows

Agreed with that then..even more now..I Love The Land


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