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Research/Menopause/hrt and dementia

For a few years I have been in a few university research panels for Dementia . Dementia renders one incapacitated and I'm not just talking about the person who sadly is a victim to this cruel thief that strolls over and snatches your memories in broad daylight and murders your dreams at night .

To counteract this robbery all I could do was donate some time and effort to installing apps and answering questions having bloods taken and annual mind quizzes - it's the very least .

Anyway through all this I had been wondering to myself about the possible connection between

Menopause and dementia - if any links or suggestions or pathways - anything . Anyway I receive newsletters that report always encouraging news into the deep discovery in the dementia galaxy and if anything is spotted out there . A couple of days ago I received a new update and amongst the news it said this below and I think that's quite encouraging for myself and other women who are currently taking HRT and maybe have a family member with dementia and or have the genetic disposition to Alzheimer's

Research is vital and so are resources - the fight to disarm this absolute fuk wit assailiant continues - so grateful to our researchers in Medicine


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