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Mine is not to question why...

Not written for a loooong time..which is fine..zeo pressure is my go to these days. Continuing o evolve im the most positive way forward..mediation..running..mindfulness and of course confidante!

Very grateful for being given 60 seconds of exposure in my favourite magazine B+W Photography issue 269, always a wonderful thing for your photographs to be given some airtime as let face it what is the point of an image if its not being viewed even if only by th'one soul. Still awaiting my photographic essay to come calling..i know its there ..i can feel it just around the corner but im avoiding doing my social documentary photography essay just because ...its too important to me..has to be right and also the subject has to be right..i dont want to take advantage of the vulnerable for my own gain or passion project, that has been done fried turned over and re-fried. Patience and stick to my own voice.

On a personal note had a fantastic weekend watching my brother race bikes at cadwell..what a buzz..what escapism !


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