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cryin in cars

...been a wee while but thats ok as 1. not sure anyone reads this 2. who cares 3.better out than in. Been reading some great books of late..nowt like retiring to bed with an interesting voice in the ear and a pip of CBD oil ..yeh Mon

There is a road i travel on daily ..its where i do my what i call 'car therapy' know the score..singing ..crying...introspecting...picking of nose..but no farting as that stuff lingers on car seats...( you only have to get in my husbands car to know that)..anyway this road...its where i seem to think..this mornings thoughts were..or question..if you KNEW with foresight that your parent would forget EVERYTHING about you and what you did together would you have taken more photographs ...I did love that Pro Green song 'photographs' resonated with me.

Anyway some dark wild woods have been entered and cut through and some more dragons slain and again a see another bright clearing that i must take advantage off..I cannot go back

Pace Love

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