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A change is as good....

After perhaps a couple of years now - one being in Lockdown- we have made the decision to take our youngest out of the school system--i could write an essay on the whys and why nots..but cant be arsed tbh- fact is- its happening - so i figure if anything can get me to write words its this challenge. Today is the first day of Mum teacher and safe to say i haven't a clue what im doing all i know is we have been to the gym early doors for our exercise, Maths is set first which includes research on Taxes, mortgages and National Insurance- followed by design + engineering with a short film on Gemstones to construct an essay about then European length lunch of 1 hr 30 mins - meaning not gulping shit down in 10 mins like the Brits manage to do, after its Art with purchase of watercolors and art pad then watch a film on Michelangelo and answer whether his greatest work had any hidden meaning.....ok school day Tuesday i tried..lets see

My buddy to help me wade through the mire atm (there's a whole bunch of other muck but that can wait - my offspring is my priority _ sent me this ...KIN LOVE it


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