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Jaspurrr =**= one cool cat

Our cat just died 2 nights ago - Zoe (the youngest and I) are feeling it the most - think because she was his Mum and I was his aunt- Zoe dished out the roles and I didn't want to be a nana just yet. Anyway as Zoe said as she lay in the safe shell of my arms at midnight last night " hes left me with a big gap, an empty space"- I explained ,the usual -as any mum would do- how the cost of loving can be grief and pain and would we rather have no Love and no pain ? or the other ..and Zoe agreed to have Loved Jaspurrr and feel the grief was better than never having have loved him at all....but holy moly the heartbreak we both feel from this wonderful friend having to leave us is tangible

RIP haandsome kind friendly Jaspurr formerly known as hugo ( had to change his name when he was a kitten cus we adopted a dog called Hugo at the same time)

Hugo be with Hugo

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