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The zone ..the zone..stepping out of the comfort one..

Held my very own photography workshop ...yeh ..nikki...NDR how very dare i..quite easily actually but thanks for wondering. :)

So one huge lesson i have learnt over the years, is to take NOWT and i mean NOWT for granted- keep your eyes peeled, your ears alert and your senses day you will reap what you sow. My workshop was great, i sourced the wedding frocks from a nearby bridal shop...yeh , i know a bridal shop did locate themselves underneath my studio but hey im not one for poaching, not my styley. A wonderful florist in the area provided me with exquisite florals and the local cafe did the buffet. The delegates turned up prompt and full of vigour and questions..admittedly i had probs working out one of their tripods and how to sort some twiddly bits out on a Nikon..but cmon..its was nikon....i totes forgive myself for that.

So the workshop was 10 - 4 - had a great model and a fab MUA and planned planned planned - even though it probably looked like i was cruising through the day ad hoc, i was actually 'on 'every minute .

The delegates left happy and even more curious about their cameras which to me is a success ! i was super lucky as in my launch workshop i was gifted with , i call them my 'fab four', who knows if i will have a similar experience on the next workshop?..they let me land softly from the leap i had made and i am so grateful to them . So workshop #2 in September, lots of interest already & this time i have secured a collaboration with a beaut intimate bridal shop in Edwinstowe, Angy the owner has great visions for her shop so lets hope we can help create some more of that beautiful buzz together .

Lots of interest coming in for my mono portrait work and some special weddings and all the time keeping up with my own personal BLACK & WHITE photography - i may not be rich but had my daughters reports back from school and i can tell you 'i am' very rich . To all those doubters, the users and haters who instead of helping just heeded instead of supported just mocked or worse were indifferent , those that just gossiped and did not connect, instead of listening just shouted, instead of loving just laughed instead of caring ,stuck the tripping up leg out, instead of asking if i would like a hand just stuck their hand further away and looked away smirking, instead of showing up stayed away....

Happy days x

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