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Look for the job you would take if you didnt need a job...

Been a while , had a lot to say but it just ran through my mind instead of writing it down. I used to be a prolific writer , i have reams of writing stuffed in the draw, now i can barely hold a pen to paper without it looking like spider scribble..i blame the keyboard..

Had a couple of weddings and have some lush enquiries so ever so tingly about that - a lot of my work is from recommendations or come backs - you can spend as much as you like on marketing but word of mouth and proof of the pudding is client quality.

Still extremely grateful to the folks who make my sail easier and not stormy and i keep a list 9no kidding ) of who they are or have been as i have a memory like a colander & i dont want to forget them, the ones that have been a first class pain in the glutus maximus can kiss it and i gladly hold no list and happily forget them forthwith- they have no place in my mind, my home and my heart #DoOne

Anyway im head down , knuckling on , staying focused , minding my own business(some peeps could learn this) and enjoying my children & my photography- feeling accomplished when i feed my kids from the fruits of my passion- be it morsels or humble attire to a holiday or a complete spoiling shop- im eternally grateful i can do this through photography- but i have soo much more to aim for and so much more to this space!

Oh! and my first photography workshop coming up in 9 days!! Jumping out the plane my friends! let hope my photographic angels will be my parachute!!!

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