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Lucky Streak....

So im a firm believer in 'you got to be in it to win it', call it growing up with a betting father but for me by entering competitions etc i have won a camera bag , a camera pistol for my tripod, a nikon camera(ah well cant win 'em all :) and a few other bits and bobs. So yeh im always up for a comp..although saying that i cannot affod some of the prices 'some' contests set year after year, they must make thousands and thouands from photographers willing thei image to be chosen, thus i only enter free contests, at a push 15 dollars but i have to be feeling pretty flush at the time .

So to my point, i enterd another IG competition where you had to eneter a portrait ...right up my street. Without going on an on i have been chose along with 9 others for a workshop in London next week with a very cool and esteemed photographer mentoring us. Then 5 'lucky winners' will be chosen...this in itself already fill me with anxiety..sort of tinges the day with stress as the 'chosen' bit makes me uncomfortable. but...yes starting a sentence with But ..tut tut from all you grammersists all for using 'anything' for an opportunity to learn so its time to grow yet another set of balls, i tell you i now have balls akin to a grapevine ..and focus focus focus ....i can do this

check out the dudes who whose mentoring us

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