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To be Grateful is to be Happy

I have a teapot at home which is stuffed with old scraps of paper..on the paper are words about things..things i am grateful for. Every day ( or when i remember ) i write 3 things i am grateful for...waste of time ? you may think..for me ..not a waste of time. when times i have been low..which i have because i am a human being and no-one is 'up" 24/7 , leave that to the machines, i have continued to find 3 things in that day to be grateful for , i have written " my breathe" " water" and "air" at times when i was in the wild wild wood and couldnt even see or feel the woods. This one minute i would take for myself, ripping up a brown bill envelope or the wrapping off a plaster laying around and locating a pen or a crayon or even an eyeliner at times i have written my 3 things to be grateful for . Did it help?... i think so because being grateful is being happy and giving thanks s to be grateful .

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