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Fooey..what a ride the past few weeks have become..thats the thing about fairgrounds , you look , you assess and you decided to go on or not as the case may pay and then you go for the ride of your life ..and then it stops..and you get off buzzing..or feel sick.

They say life is a rollercoaster, thing is with Life's rides , you cant stroll around choosing 'this one or that one', lifes rides 'turn up' unannounced & you really have little choice but to hang on or be flown apart.

Whilst on this ride holding on feeling very sick and wondering just when and if this ride will stop , you have moments of respite provided by a voice of reason come from within if you ask of it or from some kind soul who instinctively knows to reach out drama..just a generous kind soul. What they do is straighten you up, pin you back in the ride , give you a bit air to breath and squeeze your shoulders and say " go on then, carry on you can do it".



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