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One of the lessons i have learnt along my way ..amongst mannnnnnny, is to work with other creatives as this expands your own creative visions and also working with each other helps each other along, when you are sailing on that vision boat , bring as many along with you as you can and definitely dont leave anyone to drown or toss people overboard if you feel they are of no use to your team, everyone has a value & can bring something to the creative table. However, there are potential pitfalls of doing this and it can sometimes outweigh the whole dynamic process. So, one thing i would advise ,' IF 'you are not rich and have nobody bankrolling your ass through your business as many of us business women dont, then be VERY careful who you collaborate with, as what can seem a super idea at the time can become an absolute living shithole to get your ass away from .....experience teaches you fast on that one! Fortunately i have collaborated ' for free' ( oh yeh my loves no money blowing up our skirts here) with some beautiful creatives and shortly i shall be creating some photography with another piece of work created by an incredible person and creative. First, again, i must source the right model, the right MUA and hairstylist that compliment and merge beautifully with the NDR style ( & in a small Midlands towns there aint much choice ,but i will keep searching) then its all systems gooooooooooo....IF anyone is ever interested in collaborating AND you have seen my photography and are still interested then just holler and drop me a message here!!

Much love

keep on trukin


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