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On this International Womens Day i thought i would pen to paper metaphorically and write about latest events with NDR . Been continually grafting along as per the NDR regime im nothing if not fastidious in my work and hussling the same as ever. I had a wedding last weekend in Croydon...what a magnificent city, felt so inspired and content walking around with all the glorious artwork on the street walls and the ever changing horizon of new builds. The couple put me up in a premier inn which i must comment was bang on! great hosts, very clean ,great service, super staff and breakfasts to die for so very happy with my 2 day stay. To get there however was another matter altogether!...Snowmageddon decided to pay a visit that very weekend and to say i spent many late nights looking for just one train to get me out of this ole town to the city is not under exaggerating. anyway thanks to virgin who took on all hull trains i go there..i was so determined not to let the couple down as this was an exciting wedding for and London!!! mmmmm nearly as perfect as photography and Paris !!

So editing the photographs for the next couple of weeks and marketing and creating personal work for the selling sites and continuing with my portraits for business...the last year was very testing for me and it only served to add fuel to my remember folks..dont get too downhearted about negative situations ..use them as an opportunity to learn about yourself and your work, as i have always had faith in that saying that a bow has to stretch back faaaaaar to fly further...that stretch maybe painful at times but will bring many valuable important lessons get your wings ready !!!!

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