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I was notified nov/dec that i was shortlisted for black & white photographer of the year 2018 by my favourite BW magazine, can imagine my joy! BW is super close to my heart for one reason and another that i have no doubt covered in interviews but still to this day expressed coherently just how much Black & white photography means to me. Here is the photograph

Safe to say im a bit pleased

AAAAAnyway back to work , back to business. the hussle continues into 2018 and i am throwing all the irons in the fire, leaning in and allowing for no fear and zero doubt. in my 50th year i feel its only fair to myself to chuck this ole bod and mind into every opportunity that rises and to make opportunity. i believe in luck but i also believe you make your own luck, and i have the recipe and im making it !

Some people might prefer me to go away or sssshhhhh! or bind down that loose cannon ....neh!!

im here to stay , ive made my own bed and im going to lie in it :D

Peace Love health happiness & luck..go make some , is free and totally available...for the #grafters

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