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The Master that is RANKIN

Yesterday i made my way to London--beautiful london where i left my heart as a single woman , i love that city. To say i was a teeeeny weeny bit nervous would be spot on..but the mind is a powerful tool so i whipped all that into shape along wit the MUA who kept advising me to breathe :))

Im not really sure anyone quite knows what it meant to me 1. to visit RANKIN studio 2. to SEE RANKIN 3. To HAVE MY PORTRAIT TAKEN by the dude 4. to STAND NEXT TO him while WE VIEW THE SHOTS

...yeh im not religious and totally atheist but i had died and gone to heaven ( atheist equivalent probs the best photographic studio in the world)

.the work was for the British heart Foundation and to have this occur on my dads birthday , he had a Heart bypass and died later on due to stroke not the heart surgery, but to have this happen for me on my dads birthday and it was my dad who bought me my first film camera and encouraged me with photography .....cant ask for more than that can i

Got sent the pre-edits this morn and muchly..thanks the art of Mario the MUA, loved him ,

SO thankyou november the 22nd and happy Birthday father x

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