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I haven't wrote in a long while don't need to write why i haven't wrote otherwise im just writing about not writing. Anyway ...PhotoCat book is soon to be release featuring my photograph alongside the likes of martin parr.


"For quite a while Schilt Publishing have planned to publish a superb photography book on cats. Not just another book about these magnificent creatures, but a cat book so beautiful as never has been made, with stunning photography by stunning photographers. Cats are very important to Schilt Publishing. Schilt Publishing's logo is a cat. PhotoCat includes images by professional photographers both famous and those only just emerging. With an introduction by Sacha de Boer, Dutch photographer, journalist, TV presenter and of course a great cat lover! Photographers include: Machiel Botman, Rena Effendi, Anneke Hilhorst, Jason Houge, Martin Parr, Elliot Ross, Pentti Sammallahti, Pawel Smertin, Jindrich Streit. "


Been cracking on with family portraiture -had again, some really wonderful families across the threshold, im so grateful to anyone who puts their hand in their pocket and puts their hard earned moular my way--means a great deal and i never take it for granted ...not one bit. today today......oh today.. had some wonderful news...cant share just yet..but i will..and safe to say it floats my boat ....

stay safe

be kind

keep on trukin....

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