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Curiosity killed the cat (not) been a rollercoaster(even though im not a fan of that term) of past weeks...what a ride..hung on though..tightly..ready for the next big bounce..throw it at me..ive got core strength so might take a lot of shaking me off :)

Working hard as per usual, same as everyone else. Meeting at the end of the week with a little collab with a cool designer and Team NDR shall re convene to see what mono magic we can create .

There is a great publishing company that has a cat as their logo , anyway they are publishing a Cat book no less with cat photographs from really cool photographers & "up and coming" and my gorgeous jaspurrrr has been selected.....cant quite believe my photography will be alongside Martin parr whether its just me cat...still slightly cool. My copy of the book will be arriving soon and press releases out in November so will share on here . Head down , matching on..its all good in the hood comrades

. Feeling the inspiration.

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