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“Unless you photograph what you love, you are not going to make good art.” – Sally Mann

i have not had the time nor energy to write the blog of late, that is until i took a one week vacation with my little family. I cant tell you or bore you with how that one week has pepped me up. one of the most important things though, aside from having velvet satin and silk time with my children, was reading sally manns book "Hold Still'. Everyday on my holiday was spent with Sally Mann, the book was a game changer for me, in the fact that for once on this what can seem like a solitary planet i could actually hear and feel my heart saying "yes ' and "yes' and "yes' over and over and over , till when i turned the finl page on the flight home i knew i was going to read it again and then again. i will eternally be grateful to that book, i was a fangirl over her photography but ..her a huge fan.

Other things have happened...not worth going into ...

thankyou SM & thankyou Marrakech

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