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Love & good vibes, great people & minding my own business

Wow what a whirlwind of a last month!!..learnt more than i knew i ever could this month about people about the business and about myself..out of all the lessons what is the main message,? cannot change the way people treat you but you can change how it affects you, allow all the good in and gently close that door on all the negativity and trust me this month its been coming at me in every direction, but dont mistake my kindness and quietness for weakness , far from it im just minding my own business.

Met some amazing people this month that have been so interesting and generous with their knowledge and time from the organisers at RedEye Network to Len who picked me up when i was hitchhiking when my car and phone broke down.

Accomplished two photography presentations this month, people actually sat in an audience and viewed my work and listened to me and asked questions..very new experience for me, but strangely i was not too bad, and the audience both times were extremely forgiving and kind to me, i will never thank them enough for that.

On a personal level been very sad as my beloved dog Huey had to be put to sleep , cant talk much more about that...RIP Huey x foot in front of the other , and as Shakespeare said when sorrows come they come not in single spies but in battalions, and i am ready and i am armoured & the good people and experiences far outway the bad.

Thankyou to all my street portraitees & my clients you make everything brilliant!!!

Bye Bye Huey, hope me dad is walking yer x

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