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...let your work do the talking

...phew been a ride lately on this adventure called life. lots of swerves , highs and lows, they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger..& i would vouch for that, im definitely more rooted and my core strength has gone through the roof, all very good in the hood.

Been super busy, which im very grateful for, being hired for my business folios at my price which is great as price is just what you pay , the quality is what you get with NDR business photography. Trying to concentrate super hard on these two photography talks i have coming up...trying not to pap myself as well.

Got a few students coming to work wioth me from the academy shortly so i'm trying to aline work with them so they can learn at least something from hanging out at bluebell yard.

Been published in a couple of cool publications again which i'm always super grateful for and the followers for my G+ BLACK WHITE +GREY personal collection has gone through the roof-what images if not seen?

Had some glorious shoots lately, really diverse, super cute and interesting and all very inspiring- my clients really do help me take my photography further and i love each one so thats why im building my client gallery in my studio entrance , something ive been wanted to achieve from the start- again, small steps and an occasional huge stride . Dont let anyone else define you and remember how you treat people on your way up as you sure as hell will meet them again on your way down- integrity is everything, what is the point of success if you shove someone in order to achieve...nah #respect goes a long way money cannot buy that stuff

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