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Do not be afraid to fail..

phew...yeh..been as they say a roller coaster of late..thank goodness for my family , when you believe you have no-one they remind you have more than everything you need. Got a couple of talks coming up ,,....yeh me... one a lecture with slideshow on all aspects of my photography, the other a presentation of my street project for Hothouse 2017, i couldnt be more honoured, i cannot even put into words how chuffed i am to be a part of these two talks...its a personal incredible thing....yehy no money in it...whose counting? you...?

Did a charity event for Dementia, gave my time for free , and i did it for my best friend dianes mum june amos who looked after me dearly during my West end days, she really was the most beautiful mother and i have passed on some of her skills to my children i hope, she taught me a lot, mainly kindness , patience, loyalty and to have a listening ear, also keep your sense of fun and never take yourself too seriously, love is more important than anything.

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