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Keep it in check...

...constantly remind myself certain things so i can keep evolving a photographer an artist 3. as business person a mother a human a friend. a sister. a daughter a wife a pet owner....shall i go on......

i dont want to be stagnant,i want to take risks, i like making mistakes, fuking up makes me reslient and gives me fresh perspective and shows new creative horizons. I dont mind the 'you are fukd up ' or " you are crap ' or 'thats shit' with my personal work, if you have an opinion, thats ok, you are supposed to, wether its good or bad..knock yourself out.

With my business work, it does matter what my clients think, i put them first. I want them to enjoy an NDR PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE i want them to absorb the scents sounds & visions when they come to my studio at BlueBell yard. I like them being around my not perfect creative environment, i like them to be part of the portrait adventure...its super cool , super fresh and now im starting to sound like

looking forward to the may issue of a very well renowned photographic magazine that is running a feature on my Street project work, i will shout about it on here when the mag is release, they are sending me a couple of copies so i will share the article on here. These editors that i have encountered lately i am so grateful to .

Another wedding enquiry yesterday which is always goes on...lets make it as good as we possibly can . NDR

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