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Reep what you sow

..ploughing on with Bluebell yard- had some ba-uuuu-tiful portrait clients recently , feel very honoured to make photographs of these families, they really are the most fantastic clients, i guess i have just struck amazingly lucky with people who come to my studio...each & every one of them , a real charm.

Another interview 2 days ago , which is being edited now by the magazine and i cannot wait to see this one...will post as & when.

Sometimes NDR business can be tough, can be touched with fears & trepidations, each time i overcome a little bit more, i improve a tiny bit further, if i did not have faith in myself, this could not be achieved. There has been times when the rug has been pulled out beneath me and i have felt like a lone sailor, which is even more scary, but i grabbed the helm with both hands, the ship is not for sinking and i have and i will sail this ship alone if i have to.

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