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I can smell spring..

Cannot chuffin it me? or has it been a looong drawn out winter?. Been out and about on the streets again, meeting very kind and cool folks who have given up their 30 seconds or more to trade loveage with me...cannot thank them enough!! Been busy at bluebell yard with family portraiture, every weekend in March with a portrait shoot, okay so im no Richard branson (he can go whistle anyway as couldnt even get a look in on a Virgin business grant back in the day, so Branson you know where you can stick your island and fajillions of squiddlies..where the sun shines...a lot) NDR giving it a good go :) much to the distaste of some and to the love from others....

Wedding adventure to photograph on the first day of april which i am excited about, such a great couple and i want to do my very best for them, also another couple of weddings booked in for later in the year so cant complain, again im no Wedding photographer of the year , you dont need to hint to me , but im getting booked at my healthy prices, which i think reflect my work suitably,not bargain bucket rates, may take longer but at least i dont have to do 5 weddings just to pay rent , if it takes longer so be it.

So, latest publication im in is here on this link..p41..always a good feeling

click on image for link to online magazine

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