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Be True to your Self

On this photographic adventure, i am coming across so many amazing compelling places of photography work that offer a voice to so many different people. I admire the photo journalists so much, and who knows, if i had my time again, maybe i wouldve couldve shouldve used my photography for more than my selfish art , although using it for business is far from selfish, i've never been on such a selfless path , from the outside some might say " aren't you lucky doing what you love"- graft with small financial reward is what it is currently , but i am ambitious and this year 2017 i hit January not on a downfall, not on a plateau but on a small incline upwards, business wise, this is the aim.

I have been fortunate to be interviewed by Fragmentary- an arts website focusing solely on exploring the complex issues of mental health and emotions through photographic projects and artworks. They look for works that move, provoke, and stir a dialogue surrounding mental health, the psychology of the self and others, or projects with therapeutic potential.

Here is my interview and some pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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