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Ho Ho Hola!

Tis the silly season again and the bubbles of excitement already popping on my holly bush! Been super busy of late which is all that i could wish for. Every weekend filled with family portraiture or business folios and of course keeping on with my Street Portraits. Had 2 interviews regarding my Street Portraits which will both be in publications in December which is very cool & exciting. I am always touting my wares one way or another , applied for the Old Girls Mentorship programme in London which im so chuffed i got on the shortlist for , aals no win as they said...get this they felt "i was overqualified"..haha love that! anyway they want me to , as a result, write in their blog and meet up with me & give me some pointers & introductions which is always a good thing..onwards & upwards!!

Tuxford Light switch on was a great success , i got out there with my v board and fliers and vouchers and handed out to the footfall. Has some enquiries too since then so all good in the hood!

Did i tell you about me lately? hahaha...soz peeps its the nature of the game..i have this picture up in my studio

Had a great family in a few weekends ago, well all my families are great, there is no denying, this family were Yorkshires leading family vocal harmony group. Such a beautiful family, all that talent in one gene pool, but more than this so much kind beautiful souls in one family, its so good to meet people who have compassion & integrity plus passion & talent, what a combo!!

So !..plans for my studio 2017, my WHITE ROOM ..cant wait to crack on with that..this room that is my office has beautiful light so it will metamorphosize into my WHITE ROOM...always evolving, always learning, always advancing through mistakes as not afraid to make them, they are the best learning curves ever.

Peace .


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