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Wake me up when September ends..

What a really cool summer , ok balancing BlueBell Yard with Q time with the kids is a little divisive at times but whose complaining ,not me- healthy kids who have a great father and my photography space wont hear me whining.

Made sure my wellies are back in the boot for essential items as back in the fields with beauuuutiful kind non-judgemental, peaceful, all listening and calm warm & loving Mother Nature- love photographing the streets & now back in the fields.

So onto the next season, although me being a fashion easter im already thinking 6 months ahead!

I loved presenting my wedding album to the wedding couples , looked the dogs gonads if i do say so myself, such a quality album, im all about Quat IT y.

Keep it real folks and whilst being honest and going placidly amidst the noise & the haste -protect your sources you just never know, tell all but give away nada!

" If tha does owt fa nowt allus do it fa thee sen"

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