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Chaos & Creativity

As the world still spins despite everything being chucked at it, so much Hate i can only continue to create and add more love in my own small way to this wonderful planet we call Earth.

Been shooting some street, absorbing great advice from great photographers , assisting great photographers and climbing climbing...but keeping in mind a great quote i read recently

"These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb." ~ Najwa Zebian

Looking forward to assisting on fashion shoot in the City this week and an upcoming wedding and family portraits

Staying far away from Patronisation..dang there is nowt worse than a who believes they are better than you just because they have more 'stuff'..well i will tell you about stuff, it burns well .

As Rankin tweeted

"The minute u look down your nose at somebody, anybody, even idiots. You're a snob! It does not mean you're cultured/ curatorial NMW u tink "

Dont let others define you & remember its not their job to love you ..its yours..

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