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New Seasons, New life

Started the Spring with an interview for a super fresh BW mag ;a wedding a few business folios & a newborn baby shoot ..not bad going but still keep ploughing on, i never rest on my laurels but then i want to make sure i get the most important balance right..being with my kids. The spring school holidays have done & dusted & i have to send them back into the system that reminds me of the government, one that prefers children to be like cattle and move en masse this way and that , always trying to pepper their school experience with the odd mad activity so the parents & kids believe they have some autonomy over their education..not. Sheep Sheep baa or not to Baa that is the question...

anyway a lovely little BTS shot to cheer us all assistant (my eldest at half the price..who needs education when she can work for me for a fiver? ..ish) , her she is tweaking the shot for me, & herself deciding the flat cap maybe not right for this particular shot so snapped her taking it away .

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