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Ploughing On...

The past few weeks have been busy with inspiration flowing in overdrive. Had a few doors close but await new ones to open , made some mistakes but learning fast! Its all about the climb , ive done the wild wild wood, & im ignoring the negative voices chanting and keeping my face to the sun..heavy shit ey..:) but its all good in the hood, anything that evolves me as a good human on this earth & not a selfish arrogant egostistical brainless twat then bring it on..

Really really excited to be invited to be part of Lattikomo, a project in Finland that explores the notion of Six degrees of seperation, you can see the interview with them just here plus the images they chose. NDR is now on a street in Finland for 2 weeks .

Done some assistant work with crash Taylor again at The Pit Studio nottingham, which is always eye opening as Crash works very hard & there really is nothing he doesnt know about the camera, so i always have my ears open and eyes wide when i am around him, even if he thinks sometimes im drifting off, i never am, im on it like a Scotch bonnet !!Also assiting him next month on his absolutely brilliant wedding workshops which will be a blast..check CT out here.

The NNB Award dinner is coming up, going alone as at £55 per ticket , i just cant justify spending £110 on a meal for 2 , never have had, so going alone, rather put the other £55 towards my studio rent. Also been tipped off that there is a favourite to win, & safe to say its not moi! hahaha, it does go against my arty farty grain all this self- gratification award stuff & but hey if it helps th business then one must put ones arty farty feelings to one side..for now.

Got some real cool bookings on the way, taoosist, muscian, reiki healer...right up my street !Its true what they say, keep true to your path & the eventually path will look after you & the golden bridge will come into full view.

Keep on trukin folks, keep it real!


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