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Happy 2016!

New year..time to shake the rug out..i relish any opportunity to start afresh, i love transition, i love phases, think thats why i couldnt live anywhere but the Uk as i love the changing of the four seasons, always an opportunity to start again, to rip out that page, throw shit away, give up on dead horses, turn your back on mistakes but always always learning from them. So another year wiser, albeit last year was a huge climb, physically it nearly got me but not after a kind of rest ( got the sicky bug in the davo Reed household) im willing to Let go , been through the Wild Wild Wood, so im...letting go and see if the path i trust is right is in fact the correct one...& faith aint faith unless you believe in it. Meanwhile ,one foot in front of the other & persist ...always. One thing for sure..if i lose everything i can always make a pinhole camera

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