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Found out this morning that i got through to the Finals of the North Notts Business Awards, not bad going to say 3 years ago i was operating from my dining room, shoving my cat & dog into the other room whilst i photographed clients for free & minimal payments. I used to get some really cool payments, was paid with homemade chutney and fresh eggs once, and then another time a bottle of homemade gin...lavly!. The folks didnt have to do that but they wanted to present me something for the work i was doing for them, i wont ever forget that.

So what does all this mean? well like everything in life, i always take with a pinch of salt, i take compliments with grace but never let then move further than the heart to the head, the same goes for critisism , i hear ya, but it wont go to the heart . The other two finalists are local photographers, how canny is that? ..they are both well established & have a great clientel record so i am not putting any bets on myself, not that im not optimisitic, i always am, but i am also healthily realistic. I fought a good campaign & my supporters that have followed me and become customers have been so good to vote for it is solely because of them that i can have this neat little logo here & there on my social thankyou each & everyone of you, love you muchly xNDR


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