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Practice;observe;listen & Learn

Been lucky enought to assist one of my favoutite photographers once again on one of his workshops where ten delegates attended to learn & progress with their photography. I never take it for granted when a photographer i have admired for some years now hires me to assist them on a shoot. Went into the city, left the sheep & fields for a while & soaked in the variable lessons that were surrounding me, not just from CT but from all the team that were on the city shoot at the amazing Pit Studio Nottingham. If anyone is on the look out for a truly hit the ball out the court wedding photographer than CRASH TAYLOR is your man. Or if you want to take your photoraphy to the next level then join him & possibly me on one of his workshops .!!You will not regret it ..

One of the delegates snapped me sketching with me iphone

© Sandi Shaw


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