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Turkey & Tequila...

...what a year..worked my zumbassed butt off with NDR , building my business whilst trying to retain some integrity & keep my voice within a very chockablock industry. Thank goodness for my online photography comrades who constantly push me along the river & dont let me get caught up in the boring boulders so my flow keeps...flowing. Im so grateful to my online so grateful...

got a couple of likes on images from one of two of my photography heros\ines so i buzz off that for a good year & im not ashamed to admit it An exciting project ahead which i have so kindly been put forward for my a photographer i admire greatly..i will write about that nearer the time. My portraiture is really gaining strength, local folk ( where i ply my wares) are latching onto my style instead of me watering my style down to suit them, they are slowly but surely advancing towards me , i cant tell you what that means, so much more than the dollar, its very tricky standing your ground but let me tell you it is worth it ( although there is a definite difference between my personal portraiture & the style i use for local business...dont think folk want their kids to look like ghosties & weirdos )- but i like having the clear cut between the two, i can play & have business & when i sell my personal stuff as business well then its waheyhey skip to the loo my darlin! This weekend its NDR christmas dinner, this year i have someone else to share it with, my fellow creative comrade & neighbour Rebekah Hunter Ashby form Gosh Gallery ..Turkey & Tequuuuuillla. Still got a couple of weeks till kissmas and some shoots to do, so bring it orrrrrn!!!

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