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Wedding Fever....brrrrrr

Been doing my usual flier making..i love a good flier dont i? marketing , applying to Virgin Start ups, we shall see where this all leads me....knocking myself out with marketing, phootgraphing & being mum too....i have learnt that you can have it all, just not all at once...unless you got oodles of free help, which i dont...anyway these precious early years with the kids have meant more to me than a boat load of solid gold. So the news....bookshop man down stairs is leaving :{ he made a good a go of the shop as he most possibly could but i know he is going to go to bigger & better things and the shop is going to be....a bridal shop!!!..Sam one of the partners have been in touch and she already wants to calve my entrance up to make a first i dug my feet in then thought(one must always think)..what the hell...its not like i own the building or anything and i know what its like to start up , you need help not hinderance...still got my photographic art studio :) lets see what this all brings shall we.....who definately up for a voyage of discovery, now my girls are getting older and they are spreading their wings..i have more time to channel into NDR ...bring it on !

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