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Having a Hectate Timeage

Hecate was the goddess of borders, barriers, and boundaries. Yes, am i supposed to be commencing with creating a bespoke wedding album this day ..hmmm but first have to extinguish the fire in the belly by way of photography as per and then i can crack on with designing a beautiful wedding album for a couple. Just have to get this garlic thing out the way first . Protection and boundaries and healing are the buzz words 2023 for this old soul , 2022 was rank in so many ways and exhilarating in so many others. Slow and steady wins the race right?..not in any rush this year , I choose to soak up every good moment and keep on trusting the gut - colitised(a word? probs not) albeit-some of you may have colitis or crohn's - i feel you! , she -le gut- never fails to inform . The ghost ship is back on course, the doldrums and its associates a mere glance back with a FO don't come back again , the captain is back at the helm and love is the pilot ...crappy don't like it when you are happy

Sail on


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