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fear + doubt its just an illusion sent by devious aliens for control ....

Day 2 of Home schooling ...interesting...did my daughter watch all of the 2 hr 30 mins film about Michelangelo i realise it was that long a bad , although when i got home she did announce that the finger of god touching adam's had to be reconstructed many ignorant am I - didnt even know those fingers were Adams (the bloke in that old story passed down ) and that Mr God(so called by white blokes from 5 macrillion years ago)...who knew ey? Pupil teaching Teach-thats spose to be good leaning int it? An art pad was purchased and some watercolors and some paint was applied so thats always a good thing -although had to explain for watercolours you need an absorbent art paper otherwise it wrinkles as it did( will tie this in with design + innovation)- but still moving in a good direction.

Todays music inspiration comes from The Moons - love to edit to good music in the Digital Darkroom

Keep it true folks- dishonesty has a way of making a comeback ...but thats another story ..for another day

lyrics by The Moons

How long must this war keep going on Cause ive been a patient far too long I know ive got to make a change If i dont, ill surely fade away

How long does it take to lose control Refrain yeh whether you are right or wrong I know ive got to make the change If i dont, i'll surely fade away

Well ive been told so many times some words that i just won't forget You keep your wisdom to yourself and keep the thoughts inside your head

How long must this rain keep coming down as strong but it holds me to the ground I know that things will have to change yeh If they dont will surely fade away yeh no no no


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