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Use negatives as an opportunity....

So i had a christening last weekend, love christenings, really seem to suit NDR style. The one and only aspect of this job was this was not a client that had approached me personally and thus was aware of my style but a client referred to me by another photographer who could not make the date as was flag..i didnt see it coming.

So ...what do you do if your client hates all the images and is "in tears" , then something went wrong -and it probably wasnt the photography. So , given that problem is not the photography ," the solution will depend on what exactly went wrong.And clients are typically reluctant to admit the actual ptroblem-they are more likely to blame it on the photos themselves,since you cant "argue" with aesthetic taste

When a potential client has not taken the time to look at a photographers portfolio " i didn't know you shot in Black & White", a hundred big red flags go up. NDR clients have spent a lot of time researching my work & the best clients have followed me for a while. So when this bombshell happens , it may indicate that they just need " a photographer " and assume all photographers are the same that will produce whatever images they have in their head ...which is not true i deliver images that look like ones on my website and my image my work its not brain surgery. In hindsight a refund is not what i should have done as the couple downloaded all their images they hated and have not only my work but plus a refund , i spent a great deal of energy & professionalism on their event so i should have kept the fee as compensation, i dont care if i work fast , i work hard and with experience. also, some people do not like the way 'they look', and expect my camera to perform miracles, it aint gunna happen, you look how you look , a christening is not about how you look , its about the love shared between families , not all about your features believe it or not .

But , as i do all my clients they should have prepared & researched my work , NDR was not at fault. No matter what the client’s opinion is, I still had to spend time prepping, communicating, scouting, packing, checking, driving, shooting, culling, editing, etc. That was time away from my family, and money in fuel. NDR should still be compensated for time spent, and this will be built into the new contract. I am providing service, not a product – people can’t just “try you on” without substantial cost to myself, and they should understand that before they book . It’s critical that you’re a good fit for each other. This isn’t volunteer work. I deserve to be paid for my time......lived learned big time, thanks for the opportunity :)

Now, MY clients. so much im in love with each and everyone of them !i wont let one bad egg spoil a beautiful omelette x

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