F** Sh** C*** & Bol***s

June 14, 2016

Ducking & diving , weaving & hussling as per @BlueBell Yard whilst attempting domesticity as best i can , im not the worlds best wife but my kids think im a great Mum so that im content with. Fortunately i dont have to choose between my photography and my children, photography is my third child.


Anyway, shooting everyday , marketing like a march breeze, cool & soft that just whispers in your ear and you know you like it. I have been told that i dont brag enough ...each time im told , i struggle with real words to answer this ...but i think i have now..with my work ....i hope. 


Its a truly sad & heartbreaking uncertain time for the world, atrocities are happening that are almost unbearable to me. My 10 year old skipped in from playing and the news was on, she said " can we turn it off , the news is always so sad"...she is not wrong. Im at the point now when i am even dreaming about terrorists. The last couple of days , innocent people dancing, laughing, loving were shot down, last night, a father and a mother in front of their 3 year old killed by a terrorist. I will not hate them because then im as disgusting as them. I will just Love the world harder stronger & more free , ONE LOVE.





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